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News Article: "The British-Saxon start-up »Innate Repair«, which is developing new therapies against cancer, emerged from the successful cooperation between the two universities of excellence. "Life sciences are one of the key sectors of this century," emphasized Minister Dulig". [Translated from German]

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Innate Repair at the TransCampus Initiative event in London: Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis presented Innate Repair at the #TransCampus initiative event held at King’s College, London, on May 16th. Afterwards, we had the great pleasure of meeting the Minister of Business and Economics of Saxony, Mr. Martin Dulig, and several members of his delegation at the residence of the Ambassador of Germany in London. The slide summarizes our current approach to oncology research.


News Article on Saechsische Zeitung: We are very happy that picked us as one of the Top 10 research activities in Saxony! English translation below:

Inventions, discoveries and major scientific projects, about which the Saechsische Zeitung 2020 reported. The knowledge section has selected ten favorites from the research news from all subject areas.

Neural stem cells are marvels. They can divide or transform into other mature cell types. For these properties, they receive signals from the surrounding tissue. Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis was able to elucidate an important signaling pathway. He discovered a mechanism that is activated to repair tissue after damage. All good. But after cancer treatment, it also repairs the tumor tissue and so it grows back again. With his new company Innate Repair Saxony GmbH, the native Greek is now looking for drugs that will stop this mechanism and with it, cancer.


Publication: iR identifies a strategy that cancer cells use to evade therapy - And ways to block it


Press Release: Killing the unkillable cancer cells - A simple account of our latest work

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