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Innate Repair - Saxony

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We are excited to establish Innate Repair Saxony GmbH, the Germany chapter of Innate Repair, in Dresden, with the support of the city of Dresden innovation office, the Technische Universitaet Dresden and its corporate arm, TUDAG, and the transCampus® initiative. In this way, we will take full advantage of the vast basic and clinical expertise at the University and other institutions on campus, academic and business networks in Dresden and Saxony, and delve deeper into our collaborations with many Dresden scientists, in a city with a strong business innovation focus.

Please see below a brief video description of Innate Repair Saxony GmbH.


In Dresden, our initial focus will be on diabetes, a group of metabolic disorders that affects many people around the world. Our past research has demonstrated the involvement of the Hes3 Signaling Axis in many aspects of diabetes, including the growth of the insulin-producing cells of the endocrine pancreas, insulin production and release, protection of the pancreas from injury and regeneration following injury (see section "Selected Publications" for more information). We also demonstrated how insulin regulates the Hes3 Signaling Axis in the brain and specifically in resident neural stem cells that are important for the protection of injured neurons and the repair of the damaged tissue. Therefore, our underlying science provides multiple opportunities to explore and identify treatment candidates that will help with many aspects of the disease.

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An article on Innate Repair in the Saechsische Zeitung Newspaper (registration required)

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