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Finding New Drugs


Unique Knowledge

One of the greatest challenges in oncology is tackling the regenerative ability of cancer which is manifested as recurrence and metastasis. Current therapies are relatively good at shrinking tumors but highly inadequate at stopping them from coming back.

We need to understand, at the deepest molecular level possible, what drives cancer regeneration and identify drugs to stop it.

Innate Repair comprises basic scientists and medical doctors who have discovered a novel molecular mechanism that controls regeneration in tissues and tumors. We have pioneered the use of this unique knowledge in multiple models of disease, demonstrating its vast and untapped potential.

We apply our expertise in drug discovery programs, helping to identify next generation drugs for various types of cancer.


Innate Repair is a start-up headquartered in Dresden, Germany. Our core team of scientists includes University Professors and Directors, both basic scientists and physicians, with many years of research and clinical experience. We have branches in the USA, Israel, and Greece, bringing us in direct contact with Industry and University partners, as well as with different funding opportunities.

We have published our core concepts in top international journals such as Nature, PNAS, Diabetes, etc. The Academic environment is very important to our vision. To ensure implementation of our findings that will lead to improved and longer life for patients with grave diseases, we formed Innate.

You can read more about our molecular discoveries and how they affect health in this Wikipedia link:


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