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Innate Repair Bioethics Position

Dear visitor,

We are aware that coping with a serious illness like those within our research focus can be painful to patients and their families. We also understand you might have an interest in new and experimental treatments under development. Please see below a brief description of our ethics principles.


  • We are an innovation-driven, research-based Biotech company. Our aim is to develop new therapeutic methods, providing clinicians with new “weapons” to help their patients.

  • We publish our work so that anyone may perform their due diligence. Our company is based on fundamental discoveries that our co-founders made over the last two decades. These discoveries are published in peer-review journals, meaning that they are open to scrutiny by the international science community.

  • We are committed to disseminating our knowledge. Through publications, patents, specialized and non-specialized seminars, we aim to present and explain our work so that as many people as possible, whether biologists or non-professionals, may understand our concepts.

  • We are approachable. We encourage anyone interested to contact us so that we may provide additional information and answer questions on our work. You could do so directly or via the patient’s doctor.


We also need to clarify that we are currently in the pre-clinical phase which involves a lot of research and development, but, at this stage, not patients. Therefore:


  • We will not provide medical care and advice. These must be given by medical staff who are familiar with the patient's medical history.

  • We will not offer participation in clinical studies. Only specialized clinicians in appropriately equipped hospitals can recruit for clinical trials. Clinical studies can only be initiated after all relevant authorities approve them. We are doing our best to get there, but we are still working on the preclinical phase to minimize risks as much as humanly possible.


Please feel free to contact us and know that we are working hard to advance to the clinical phase. This will take some time. With novelty comes risk, and so we need to be very diligent before we enter the clinical phase. That is our goal and we are constantly adding knowledge to our programs, bringing us steadily closer.



Innate Repair Ltd and Innate Repair Saxony GmbH

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